Useful Software For Working At Home

Useful Software For Working At Home

Websites and Graphics

When it comes to working at home, I have found that there are many different programs and other software that prove to be really helpful; especially when it comes to creating websites.

One program that I find helpful for working with HTML is Notepad++. This program allows me to keep track of which line I am working on as well as highlighting when I forget to close a tag. Additionally, this program allows you to save and open in a browser so that you can see what your work looks like. Not only can it be used for HTML, but Notepad++ also allows you to use it just as a regular notepad.

Another program that I find useful when it comes to working at home is a graphic editing program. I have used both the paid version of Photoshop and the freeware software GIMP to edit photos and create graphics. Out of the two, I find that Photoshop is easier to use, but if needed GIMP can do the job as well. Both these programs work great for creating headers, editing images, and creating other elements of a webpage.

One last tool that I find invaluable for creating a quick and easy website is the blogging platform Wordpress. With this program/software, I can quickly get a new website up in running in less than 30 minutes. The best thing about Wordpress is that it takes no real technical knowledge to use, but is still easy to customize. You could make it so that no two Wordpress websites look alike.